Passion driving inspiration

My only hope is that JS Designs brings you joy and love for your home…

As a small child, decorating, designing and crafting was always a passion for me. I had aspirations of becoming an interior designer at a young age and over time that love was pushed aside by all those things we call life. Just recently, the spark inside of me was reignited by a combination of remodeling and decorating our new home and teaching classes to create special home decor pieces for my student’s homes. I’m married to an amazing husband, who supports my love for decorating and entrepreneurial spirit. We have two beautiful, young girls, Julianne and Sophia, hence the name of JS Designs.

My only hope is that JS Designs brings you joy and love for your home, as decorating has always done for me.

From our home to yours

After having the opportunity of being a stay at home mom, and enjoying the time freedom, I knew being back in the office for a “successful” career was not for me. I have enjoyed the flexibility of being with my children and family when I want to be. So it led me to ask myself, “What do I want to do once our children are in school?” Many of us spend the better half of our life in search of the answer.

After considering what is important to me and the things that mean the most, it was clear that I needed to be in business for myself. This led me to embrace new opportunities and pursue my love of craft and design. Everything from JS Designs is personally selected and/or hand crafted with love and care and I believe that can be reflected in everything you find here. From me, to you.


As a small business, we pride ourselves on having a personal connection with our customers. We love hearing from you. Feel free to drop us a line and tell us how our goods have brought life and style to your home.