We’re just days away from Easter! Are you scrambling trying to get through the week and starting to make a list of what to do for your weekend? Don’t sweat it, as what’s important is the reason for Easter, not how commercialized Easter has become. I must admit though, Spring and Easter inspire me to freshen up the house, decorate, and prepare for a family gathering, which I always love! Over the years, life seems to get busier and busier, so I’ve cut down on all my preparations and have figured out a fun way to celebrate, while still preparing for a brunch and all the festivities that go along with Easter.

First off, here’s some ideas that may spark some inspiration when trying to decide what to fill the Easter baskets with…

For Kids:

Chocolate bunny (this is always a must in our house)

Jelly Beans (another tradition)

Flip Flops



Sidewalk Chalk


Mad Libs or some other kind of card game activity since you may be taking a road trip or two during the summer.

A small game such as Rubik Cube, Tic Tac Toe, Spot It

New Movie

Something small that they may need or want for their favorite activity or hobby

A small Terrarium or something that Grows Flowers or Herbs

For Adults: (Yes adults can partake too!)

Chocolate bunny (Absolutely!)

Jelly Beans (Why not? The kids are doing it! HA!)

A Kindle or Amazon Prime Gift Card

Gift Card for a store, restaurant, to get their nails done, or car wash

A small Terrarium or something that Grows Flowers or Herbs

Lottery Tickets

Tickets to the Movies or Redbox

Beer, wine, or some small liquor bottles

Now let’s plan the brunch! I tend to make a menu that is easy to make, with little stress because let’s face it, I just don’t have a lot of time, as I’m sure you don’t. Plus, I want to enjoy the day with my family and not feel like I’m serving and cleaning up all day. This menu has become a family favorite and one we crave! A huge perk is that we leave the table feeling satisfied, and not stuffed, well unless of course you eat a ton of the blueberry streusels, which is easy to do!


Peach Bellini – a delightful combination of Prosecco and Peach juice, or feel free to add your own twist with a different juice

Shrimp Cocktail

Strawberry, Walnut, and Blue Cheese Salad

Blueberry Streusel – Duncan Hines Simple Mornings Premium Muffin Mix is the bomb! I make them using a mini muffin pan and they are a huge hit…ALWAYS!


Dessert – Macaroon Nests (Super easy and a perfect fit for Spring celebrations!)

If your kids aren’t into blue cheese, quiche, or shrimp cocktail, a fun pancake breakfast is a great way to include them in the festivities! Pinterest has so many cute ideas, so definitely take a look there. You could use whip cream or coconut for the tail, chocolate chips and strawberries to add in the pads and toes of the feet, and pancakes for the body, and then bacon or elongated pancakes for the ears! Every year, I make a variation of a bunny pancake and it always comes out a little different, but each time the kids are so excited with their surprise plate and have fun eating it too!

As for the table decorations, again I like to keep things simple, but elegant. I also want to keep it child proof in the event those little hands reach across the table and want to play. Lastly, whenever I decorate, I try to keep multiuse in mind. I like being able to use what I have for multiple events or days. So typically, my Easter tablescape is something I can use all throughout the Spring. Keep in mind, having something low or see threw is also more pleasant than being blocked from those sitting across from you and trying to have a conversation while shifting from one side to the other of the object, unless of course, you’re trying to block out your in-laws. HA, just kidding!

Clear plates and vintage glasses are always elegant. You can dress them up with nice linens, chargers, and other decorations, which make them so versatile for different events. I’ve also seen some cute Easter plates at HomeGoods, Pottery Barn, and Pier1 that would be a great accent to your table. A dough bowl in the center with some greenery, Spring flowers, and colored eggs is always eye catching and unobtrusive when setting a table or a sugar mold stuffed with Spanish moss and a colored egg in each cup is also simple, with a low profile, and a perfect fit for Spring! Another great idea that would wow your guests is a green moss table runner, (I think I just saw one at Walmart or you should be able to find one at Michael’s). Layer it with some cute bunnies, pastel colored eggs from Walmart or Hobby Lobby, votives and paperwhites, Calla Lilies, or other Spring flowers from Trader Joe’s and place them lengthwise across the table runner. These ideas can be created by anyone, whether you’re creative or not! Using different materials will create interest and a unique flare to your table! Now get hopping and start creating your elegant table, while making it inviting!

On sale now for just $19.77, for a set of 4, at Pottery Barn!

These cute pastel bunny plates are also on sale for $20.99, for a set of 4, at Pier1.

This Moss Table Runner by Ashland®, at Michael’s

Way To Celebrate Easter Decorative Eggs, Metallic and Speckled, at Walmart